5 Simple Ways to Trigger a Little Curiosity That Feeds Your Soul

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What feeds your soul?
I’m a big subscriber to change your thoughts if you don’t like how your feeling. When I first started to read inspiring books, going to workshops, researching how to be happy, and really take care of myself I could feel a shift in me. I started focusing more on intrinsic goals. Not just on not being fat anymore. But really take care of me.

Check it.
If your health and finances are in order, then freedom gets easy. And freedom is what I want. I don’t want bills, fatness, or corporate america to have any part of me. I’ve been there. Done that. It literally kills me…slowly. Just thinking about all that makes me nauseous.

Long story short.
When I started my latest obsession, raw foods, I was following every raw link, opting in to every raw site, downloading ebooks, and blending up new recipes like my life depended on it. One of the links I followed was for the Wish Summit via terawarner.com. And I hit the jackpot. 40 nights of wisdom for women. Women’s International Summit for Health.

Tera Warner interviewed fabulous thought leaders, and inspirational leaders and is giving it all away. Yep, free. I’ll be taking notes to remember the all ┬áthe juicy details.

Bottom line.
The Wish Summit is the kind of thing I live for. It feeds my soul. It reminds me of what’s important. It reminds me to go beyond my comfort zone. It empowers me to ask even more questions. I absolutely love it. And I would have never have found it if I had not of done the 5 things below.

So…5 simple ways to trigger a little curiosity that feeds your soul:

1. Get curious.
Life is more fun when you live it. Don’t just go through the motions. Pay attention to what you lean toward. It matters.

2. Go to the bookstore.
I love the magazine section. So many topics, perfect for browsing. Pick up a book about something you’ve been wanting to know more about.

3. Google it.
Take action and start investigating anything your even slightly interested in. It can trigger something else. Yes, google it. That is how I have found all the people I love and learn from. Find someone that resonates with you, read their books and then read the books they read. Follow the links on their site. Check out the people their inspired by.

4. Ask questions.
If you find yourself complaining about your life and being negative about a situation that is happening to you, the best question you can ask yourself is “What do I really want right now?”. This will get you to start focusing on how you want your life to be. Stop circling the drain.

5. Exercise.
You knew that was coming. It doesn’t have to be hard. Just move. I like yoga and the occasional Beach Body DVD. Moving your body literally works magic. Get your blood flowing, get the energy you need to start getting curious.

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