I’m Marla, and Akasha is my Shih Tzu. We are the creators of Shih Tzu Culture and Dog + Design. Akasha has been my inspiration and has taught me much about love and compassion.

She’s opened up a world to me where we have been able to connect with so many amazing friends and fellow dog-lovers. Local AND Global. I am forever grateful for my cute and sassy little ball of fluff.

And because of this, I’m now I’m bringing my two loves together, Dog + Design. I’m an award-winning art director and I want to help dog-centric businesses & influencers look legit for customers + brands + media.

If you want a biz that feels 100% you while inspiring more people to love and spoil their pups, I can help. You can think of me as your personal creative director.

I’ve worked in everything from design boutiques to Fortune 500 companies to dotcoms to start-ups. And now I want to hang with other dog-lovers and use everything I’ve learned to help you brand better, and get what you want.

Throughout my career, the most fun I’ve had is co-creating spaces for rich conversations to unfold both offline and online, like the Mom 2.0 Summit — an open conversation between moms + marketers + media, and it’s bro, the Dad 2.0 Summit.

Helping the dog-centric brands + influencers look legit, take action and connect with their peeps, are the common denominators throughout my interlocking loves, dog + design.

Let’s kick it.
Email :: hello@marlatrevino.com
Phone :: (832) 301-9282

Social media-style?
The party is over on Akasha’s Instagram @loveakasha

Connect with me on there or on my personal Instagram account @marlatrevino