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I VALUE FREEDOM. Yea of course everyone wants to be free. In a work atmosphere, I learned long ago I’m not the 9-5 type. Or 9-9 in the advertising world. So I worked towards building … Read More

I Believe…

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I believe in a lot of things. I wrote down a few. No thinking, just writing. BRAINSTORM. It was a good exercise for me to be able to see, right in front of me, all … Read More

How To Own Your Standards

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OWN YOUR STANDARDS. That is the best advice I’ve gotten in a long time. How many of you have ever been told that your standards are too high? That your expectations are too high? How … Read More

Connection in Boquete Panama

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(The killer view from my room.) PANAMA. The first of three retreats in Lisa Fabrega’s Fearless Feminine Leaders Mastermind. (She’s def got Licensed To Ill in my book.) I was soooo resistant to following through … Read More

3 Ways My Puppy Makes Me A Better Human


A defining moment that gave people a glimpse into my state of mind. Many years ago I was having drinks with friends at a bar called Cecils. (Before it burned down.) It’s a place where … Read More