Connection in Boquete Panama

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(The killer view from my room.)

PANAMA. The first of three retreats in Lisa Fabrega’s Fearless Feminine Leaders Mastermind. (She’s def got Licensed To Ill in my book.) I was soooo resistant to following through when I signed up to be in her mastermind AND resistant to going to Panama. I didn’t want to leave home. The last time I felt like this and did it anyways, it changed my life. So I went with my intuition, took a deep breath and changed my attitude.

I crave connection. And love to work on business and on my personal development. See that’s where a Mastermind comes into play. This one in particular is a 9-month program that’s already blown me away. In case you’re not familiar with what happens in a Mastermind, it’s a group of people who commit to supporting each other in business and life. We learn, support, get to work, and put ourselves “out there” for others to see. Even if it’s scary, we do it anyways.

In Panama, the connection between everyone in this group is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. It’s more than a mastermind, it’s a sisterhood. Lisa did a phenomenal job of picking just the right people for this group. She’s a master at creating community and an environment that’s electric in the best possible way. (Connection to sisters, to nature, to biz, to ourselves.)


 (In Boquete at the market and yet another awesome view by the pool.)

I’m learning more and more about what it takes to REALLY connect with people. As I get better, the less awkward I feel in certain situations. Right now I’m back in Texas chillin with Akasha (my puppy) and thinking about my next steps. I’m super excited about what I’ll be sharing here.

The biggest concept I keep hearing repeated in my life is that we all want love, safety, and belonging. This is at the core of all of us. Let’s pay attention. Understanding that concept and how we sabotage it, can be a real bitch if we are trying to go at it alone. I’ve tried that and it’s tough.

If you’ve ever felt misunderstood, and have a hard time expressing yourself, I totally get it. You’re in the right place. I hope that as I continue to express myself and share my lessons on connection it can help you too. (Am I perfect? No. But I’ve come a long way.)

I was challenged to do a video before I left Panama. So I did. (The quality can be better, but hey mission accomplished!) Click the video to see me feeling the fear and doing it anyways.

Peace, love, and videos!

Hello from Panama from marlatrevino on Vimeo.

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