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Yea of course everyone wants to be free. In a work atmosphere, I learned long ago I’m not the 9-5 type. Or 9-9 in the advertising world. So I worked towards building my biz so that I didn’t have to “go” to work or have a boss tell me what to do, etc.

Working from home has it’s pros and cons for sure. I’ll still take it over having to work a job at some place I have to drive through traffic for.

On the surface this is what the freedom value means.

  • Freedom to make your own schedule.
  • To be flexible.
  • Freedom to pick and choose your projects.
  • Freedom to take Akasha for a walk at 10:30am.

All of that is awesome. But for me, freedom goes a lot deeper than that. It’s freedom from my mind. My thoughts. I’m a thinker, an intellectual or so thats what Myers Briggs and the Fascination Advantage seem to tell me. I’m naturally observant and curious so I take my time to process information. Afterwards I have much better insight and feel comfortable speaking my mind.

I’m letting go of perfection. I’m giving myself permission to be messy. (again) And I’m giving my brain a short vacay. When it comes to writing anyways. It needs to know that it’s ok to speak my mind. Have opinions. And just be me.

Meditation gives me freedom. Practicing presence. Every time I do it, it’s like mother nature gives me a big hug and tells me she’s there, everything is ok.


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These days I feel super supported by friends who have my back. We are there for each other no matter what. And that helps me have the courage to write. I envy those who find it easy to write and just get it all out. So I’m trying now. Because I haven’t been and frankly it’s exhausting not being free with my thoughts.

This is one reason I avoided having a website for so long. Afraid I didn’t have anything to say. Or people would judge me.

I’m reminded of the book The Four Agreements by don Miguel Ruiz. (Thanks dad.) My dad gave me the double cassette tape pack. And I rode around listening to how not to get pissed off over BS.

They are:

#1 Be Impeccable with your Word
#2 Don’t take anything personally.
#3 Don’t Make Assumptions
#4 Always Do Your Best

If you’re ready to get your voice out there too. Ignore the perfectionist in you, and the just start letting go. Hit me up and let’s talk. I’m scheduling Website Envy Project Consults. Connect with me here.

Marla Trevino is a creative director, award-winning multimedia art director, and a health and business coach, blending design + tech + wellness together to end entrepreneur burnout for good. Marla is on a mission to inspire other women to live well and take care of their bodies while building their empire. Connection + Freedom are the common denominators throughout her interlocking loves.

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