I Soul’d My Soul in NYC

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I’m back from the Marie Forleo + Danielle LaPorte event in NYC, Selling Your Soul. I loved every moment! I met so many amazing women. I will pretty much sign up for anything Marie is selling. She is so damn cool.I took lotsa notes, laughed, and ate a tasty veggie bento box.

The first thing I wrote down in my notebook was “Perception is Reality”. I hear that term all the time, but usually people address it the other way around…like oh that’s just their perception. Anotherwards not reality. Perception kinda gets written off. I thought this was an nice twist.

I use to think selling was gross. I think of a used car salesman and forget about it. But these days, selling is about listening and being compassionate. It’s about understanding. For this to work, we have to know where our Zone of Genius is. Check this if you’re not sure where your’s is. Strength is an activity that makes you feel energized. A weakness makes you feel drained. Easy enough, and I thought this really simplified it.

What are my true strengths? What is sooo easy that I might feel guilty taking money for it. What do I get thanked for? Hmmm, I’m still thinking about these. How about you? Do you know your Zone of Genius?

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