Marie Forleo’s Rich Happy & Hot B-School Starts Today

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Like I said before, I’ll pretty much sign up for anything Marie is selling. The kool-aid has been drunk. RHH Business School is an online multimedia 8-week course run by herself and Laura Roeder. They have the skills and sass to take you to the next level of your business in a fun awesome environment. I am only on Day 1 and am already making progress!

I also just got back from Marie + Danielle’s event in New York, and am super excited to start jotting down the core idea concept and move on a business action plan. Don’t you love it when that happens?

RHH Bschool registration ends tonight at like 11:59 pm. Andy Fogerty is an affiliate and running a super deal. He’ll give you $500 just for signing up for Bschool through his affiliate link. That is a sweet deal. He details it out for you. He’s legit. If that doesn’t inspire you to sign up, below is a list of things I’ve already done on Day 1.

Check it!

  • Added everything I need to do to Google Calendar. Once it’s scheduled, it gets done.
  • Made a list of everything on earth that I want to do in 3 months, 1 year, and 5 years. Feels good to get it out of my head.
  • Got clear on profits. I noted how much am I making and where that money coming from.
  • Figured out my strengths and how I want to work with people.
  • Defined the experience I would like delivered to a customer.
  • Next up, write down my core concept and reverse engineer that bad boy. And yes going through all the exercises has given me a clear idea on how to move.

Note: I am not big on passion question worksheets, etc. So I really like how these worksheets are tailored to identifying strengths and keeping the end customer experience in mind. I’ve been thinking about my business for months, going around in circles and spending most of my time frustrated. Only now has it started coming together. Coincidence? Nah. I think there’s something to their format and easy peasy straight-forwardness.

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