The Secret And Not So Secret Life Of A Solopreneur


It’s spring and 67 degrees F out. The sun is shining and I can hear the wind in the trees. Oh wait, scratch that. I can’t hear it because I’m inside. And all I hear is the expressway. These are the days when the only time I get out is to check the mail. How ridiculous is that? I’m either working on a project, reading up on a topic that I swear I’ll find my next big a-ha in, or brainstorming and mapping out my next project. I’m like obsessed with personal growth and super curious about all things.

My brain has a hard time shutting down. I have to force myself to get out and leave it alone for a while. It’s true sometimes I get distracted with a new show I start watching… ahem, The Walking Dead. Jesus, I was hooked. And I can tell you I am so ready for a zombie apocalypse! I know exactly where I need to attack and how to strategically venture out and find food. YES, I’m a survivor. I just know it!

Ok, I’m back… So um it’s not all work. Sometimes zombies too.

And still totally true that the life of a Soloprenuer is just that. Solo. which can lead to lomo (aka lonely motherfucker).


What’s important to soloprenuers is GSD (gettinshitdone). That’s obvi. We spend way too much time at home working. Especially if we are part of a virtual team. Because there’s that illusion that uh we are not really alone.

Yes, we are all in this together. Yes, we all desire connection. It’s just that you have to have a little discipline even for the fun stuff. I don’t care who you are, connection fuels our energy. Whether it’s with one person or a group gathering. Here’s the big Q, how can you connect with others when you’d rather be home working, learning, reading (insert your own favorite personal growth activity). You can’t. So here is the jist of something fun that’s going down real soon. I’m starting a local breakfast group for personal growth + development junkies. That way at least we can hang with each other, get in some social time and talk about our latest read.


Let’s Be Disciplined AND Fun.

I mean have you ever heard the word discipline and fun in the same sentence? Usually discipline brings up memories of failed diet attempts or working out at the gym. For purposes of right now, discipline means to just get the fuck out of the house. Okay?

So here’s what to do about that. Block out some time and GET OUT. I know I know meeting up friends in a loud bar is not appealing. Nor is eating a greasy plate of mexican food. (If you don’t know or can’t tell… I’m a Houstonian.) Or maybe the thought of sitting in a movie theater and the torture of the smell of movie popcorn makes you think about those two hours that’ll be spent wasted + craving trans fat when there’s so much to do!

Let’s meet in the middle, alright?

How about you go to an event where you can learn a little something. This way you’re not completely jolted out of your craving for knowledge and progress. Being able to relax and completely mentally check out is super important too but not just yet…baby steps. Take a photography class, go to a toastmasters meet up, or be healthy and social and just invite some friends to a juice bar and catch up. Whatever you do, get some contact with people IRL. You will be inspired, promise. Plus you might meet someone you want to collaborate with in your biz and that’s pretty much the thing to do these days.

If you want to fast track your biz and/or your health, schedule a session and let’s chat. It’s a free 50-min phone call ($197 value) designed to help you get crystal clear on what you want and what might be holding you back from getting it. You’ll leave with at least one a-ha and a few action steps that you’ll eat right up because you dig that kind of stuff.

la la love you, Marla